We all know that a photo is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to blogging, your photo has to draw attention to your words and get you 1000+ Likes, Pins & Tweets.

Online presence seems to be everything these days, but who has the time to manage it all and figure out how to get the most for your efforts? Don’t sweat it.

In Photography for Bloggers we cut to the chase and provide you with tips, tricks, and marketing strategies that will help your blog photos get the recognition they deserve and need to build your business. This class is also perfect for the small business owner who needs their site to connect with potential customers.

If you’re a busy blogger or online business owner who:

  • needs good, original images for their site
  • doesn’t want to spend more time than necessary creating images that will draw readers to your posts and site pages
  • wants to work within a budget, learn a new skill, and rock it, but not put all your focus on photography
  • wants to produce quality images & content while honing your brand and attracting readers to your site

…then you’re in the right place.

The class is in the finishing stages and I’m packing it full of pro tips, tricks, and lots of worksheets that will streamline your process for propping, shooting, processing, and marketing your images so that they’ll drive readers and potential clients back to your site. You’ll have more time to work on creating quality content and focus on client projects because you’ll be streamlining your process for photos and marketing them on social media.

The class also includes a special section dedicated to Pinterest and how to create the Perfect Pin so you can harness the power of this powerful “creative search engine” and use it to build your blog and business.

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