I’ve spent my fair share of time searching for the perfect theme for a WordPress site. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t one. But, there are quite a few “perfect” options for every type of site out there. So many of my clients get bogged down in search for their “favorite” or “perfect” theme. And I always tell them the same thing (this is personal experience talking here), “don’t get caught up on finding the one, just start working on your site and make it what you want it to be.”

I know. You’ve worked hard. You want this to be awesome. I get that. But every savvy, and successful, entrepreneur I know works off the following concept better than most – launch and fix. So lets get you out there, and then we’ll get it perfected.

What to Consider When Choosing a Child Theme

If you’re just starting the search for a WordPress theme to use on your site, take a few minutes to answer the questions below. You’ll have a better idea of options you should be looking for and some good words to include in your google search for the perfect theme.

  • are you looking for a magazine style layout? or do you prefer the classic blog scroll?
  • are you planning on running  shop on your site? do you want shopping cart functionality or are you fine with just the paypal button?
  • these days it absolutely necessary to have a site that looks good, and works well, on  multiple devices – have you checked out your favorite themes and how they look on your computer, phone, and tablet?
  • are photos a main focus?
  • do you intend to run blog ads?
  • do you have a customized header or logo, and specific fonts you want to use? make sure the theme you choose allows for these modifications.
  • do you want a landing page? (this is common if you’re running business and your blog then becomes one of your main navigation tabs)

My Go To List* of Places for Great WordPress Themes

I’m sure you can imagine that even after answering the questions above and narrowing you search, you’ll still have a bunch of theme options to consider. I’d like to help you speed up your search for the perfect WordPress theme. After years of working on my own site and on my client’s sites, I’ve spent quite a bit of time reviewing themes and their functionalities for clients. If you’re looking for a theme that looks great straight out of the box (and even allow for quite a bit of customization) you’ll want to browse my short list of go-to themes below:

StudioPress (this is where you can purchase the Genesis Framework as well as a wide variety of themes) There are tons of professional looking themes that are highly customizable. I’d name this as my #1 spot too look if you’re a small business.

Shay Bocks – you may not be familiar with her name, but odds are you’ve seen her theme somewhere in your search or quite possibly on dozens of sites across the internet. Foodie Pro (can be purchased on her site or at StudioPress)  is a rockstar child theme and works great with the Genesis Framework. And it’s not just for foodie bloggers. If you’re looking for another awesome from Shay – take a look at Brunch Pro.

Restored 316 Designs Packed full of feminine options. And I’m going to be honest with you here – feminine themes are all the rage for women online entrepreneurs. That said, maybe you’re not into that look. Don’t pass these up. Many of them can be customized and you can drop the “soft” touches and make a killer site. Divine and Bloom are awesome options – I’ve used both on my own site and loved them both.

Angie Makes  I first started visiting Angie’s site when she was just producing clipart. It’s been fun and completely inspiring to see her grow her site and her product line. She’s got mad skills and killer advice. And if you’re just starting out with a blog or site and don’t have much of a budget, you can try out her free Mary Kate template . I’ve had several friends ask me for help getting their businesses going with no budget to speak of. We’ve used the Mary Kate theme every time and it’s been the perfect fit and you can even upgrade for more options. If I was purchasing a theme, it would be the Lucy & Lane.

Pretty Darn Cute Designs I made the jump into paid themes with a purchase from PDCD  and I loved it. Jane and Swank are two of my long-standing favorites and she’s got a few more that I’d love to use on upcoming client projects.

What are your go to places for WordPress themes? I’d love to know and see how your site is looking!

*affiliate links are included in this post.