COMM 130 Mock Projects

The following designs are mock projects that I use as examples in my COMM130: Visual Media course that I teach for BYU-Idaho online. Students learn basic tools in Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign and are asked to complete a project in each program with the final project being a presentation slide deck.

ICON SET – Illustrator

Students select an industry and brainstorm ideas for icons they can create to be use in printed marketing collateral, online promotion and social media.


Students select text from a magazine article (claiming fair use for education purposes) and design a 3 page magazine article. They’re responsible for selecting colors, commercial free stock images, inserting headings, clipping images and designing & placing pull quotes to create an attractive design that clearly communicates.


CREATIVE AD – Photoshop

Students are asked to select a widely-known brand and brainstorm ideas for a highly creative ad that blends well with the company’s current branding. Using their photoshopping skills they blend images, select fonts, colors and place logos and body copy to create a final ad that could be submitted for print.

SLIDE DECK – Final Project 

Students pull all of their Adobe Creative Suite skills together to complete this “next ad in series” final project. They select a recent professional ad, analyze it for design elements, and then create a new ad that would fit within the existing ad series. Then, they design a slide deck that fits with current branding and present the design analysis of the original ad and show how their new ad utilizes the same design principles.