20 Perfectly Paired Fonts Guide


Need font suggestions for your next project? Aren’t sure what fonts go together best? This guide is perfect with 40 suggested fonts, perfectly paired to add just the right amount of pop to your next design. And the best part, they’re all available within the FREE version of Canva or there are provided links so you can download them to your computer and use them with the design program of your choice.



Not sure what fonts to use for your next graphic design project? Maybe you’re looking to brand your business or give your current look a refresh?
These 20 perfect font pairings (that’s 40 great fonts to pick from!) take the guess work out of picking typography and make you look like the design hero!

Each font pairing has 2 different fonts that contrast perfectly giving your messaging the perfect pop. You won’t have to guess if your type is on point OR pay a fortune to grab these fonts – they’re all available for FREE in any subscription level (even the free option) in Canva. PLUS… I include a page with where to download them online if you use a different design software or want to have them on your very own computer. *

This multi-page PDF is instantly available for download once your purchase is complete so you can get right to work on your next project.


*all fonts listed were available in the free version of Canva and at the links included in this download at the time this product was created. Prickly Pear Design Co. is not responsible for changes to price or availability but recommends these as tried and true font pairings all the same!