Looking for a way to spread a little compassion? These cute tags and packaging will make spreading the love easy and fun. Perfect for Relief Society Compassionate Service, Visiting Teachers and even Young Women Leaders!

Just a few weeks ago I got called to be the Compassionate Service Leader and the first thing that ran through my mind after the ” babies, surgeries, funerals…” was “flowers”. I know. That sounds a little crazy. I’ve decided that the Spirit must speak to me in code, but regardless of that, I got the message loud and clear.

You see, compassionate service is much more than just babies, surgeries, and funerals. Compassionate service is a chance to lend a hand, bring a smile, and share someone else’s burdens (or at least buoy them up while they endure their trials). In fact, the more I’ve thought about compassion, the more I can see that it can happen every day and usually doesn’t require a huge life changing event (like a baby, surgery, or funeral).

So the question I had to answer was “what small things can I do to help uplift those around me?” What I came up with were cute and cost effective ways to spread a little sunshine.

I like to keep things cost effective and time efficient. All the designs print multiples to a page and I divided the designs up by the amount of time it would take to put together. Candy, baked goods, and a non-treat variety for those that don’t do sugar or have food allergies.

Life Being a Bear & Things Will Look Up Buttercup

These are probably 2 of my favorite designs to date. They’re perfect to give to your Visiting Teachees when they need a pick me up and work just as well for Young Women. And who doesn’t love a peanut butter cup or a handful of gummy bears. Each design includes a pick me up scripture as well.

Way to Roll With It & Chocolate Makes Everything Better

Baked goods are always a good thing. You can whip up a batch of homemade or buy them from your local bakery or grocery store. The Way to Roll With it Tag can be paired with a can of crescent rolls too so they can save a little bit of time while making dinner! For the packaging I used a cheap paper plate and a fold top baggie and topped them off with some ribbon I had on hand.

This Meal Is On Us

If you’re in need of an idea for a family that has food allergies, look no further. In fact, I’m pretty sure any mom would appreciate a stack of cute paper goods and the thought of easy dinner clean up.  The pack of utensils, napkins, plates and cups were about $1 a piece (I found them in the party section at Walmart). I divided it into 2 sets to get the biggest bang for my buck. The tag also works great for dropping off with a meal and you can include any reheating or cooking instructions on the back.