It’s hard enough getting your appointments scheduled and your visits made each month, but sometimes it seems impossible to magnify our callings as Visiting Teachers because life just gets in the way.  Being busy is just life, but what if you could get rid of the prep time and still go the extra mile?

Letting your sisters know you care, without spending a ton of time & money, is simple – the Relief Society Visiting Teaching Printables Club gets rid of  the extra time and effort you might spend finding monthly handouts and ideas for birthdays and  holidays, so you can focus on the sisters you visit.

And the best part… it all comes STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX, in plenty of time to set your visiting teaching appointments for the month. Each email  includes a coordinating handout and links to the monthly message! 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Monthly email DIRECT to your inbox with links to a printable handout and to the monthly message
  • Monthly printables come in black and white (for a quick little DIY to add a custom look for your sisters) or a color file of the same printable ( in case it’s one of those months where there just isn’t enough time!)
  • Visiting Teacher Contact Cards to give to your sisters
  • Birthday & Holiday Card/tags – with ideas for simple but meaningful gifts
  • Inspirational Pick Me Up Quotes to send to your sisters mid-month through text or email to let them know you’re thinking of them
  • We missed you door hangers – perfect for sisters you didn’t get to visit, but still wanted to leave al little note to let them know you care!

Get access to these files and the monthly emails for just $12.99/year

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*Relief Society Visiting Teaching Printables Club is an annual fee. You’ll be charged  $12.99 a year and will receive 12 monthly emails straight to your inbox. Access to the other files will be given upon purchase.