Here are some of the products I use and keep stocked in my home office – I use them frequently for client jobs as well as for my own projects. I don’t love overspending so I research a ton to find products that are effective, won’t break the bank, and that don’t take up a ton of unnecessary space.


Epson Eco Tank Printers are awesome. They are great space savers, filling the tanks is easy and they last forever. This one also works as a scanner, printer, copier… so it’s great for a variety of reasons.

Canon Pixma Pro 100 Printer if you’re looking for big beautiful photo printing (and normal printing) and have a bigger space – this printer will deliver high quality every time. I use this one for printing client projects .

Regular paper and cardstock works fine, but this Luster paper is great for special projects like invitations and high end business cards (to be used with the Canon printer).

Other Tools

Having a good paper cutter is mandatory if you’re printing from home. This one is priced just right and is industrial enough to cut several pages at a time or larger sized paper than your standard 8.5×11.

I use this Wacom tablet a ton when I’m working in the Adobe Programs. It’s not a mandatory purchase when you’re just starting out, but it makes things a lot easier as you dive deeper into graphic design.

This cabinet has been an awesome storage space for paper, ink, printers, and all the tools I use for our home office. To keep the shelves organized on either side I use wicker baskets I picked up from Target.

*Clicking on the images above will take you to an Amazon affiliate listing for each product. I haven’t been paid for recommending these products – they’re the ones that I’ve found that work best for my business and our home office – but I do receive a small kickback if you purchase any of these products from my links.