Create custom printables with just a few clicks!

Use the Easy Peasy Printables templates to create handouts, fliers, and more – perfect for your home, church calling, volunteer work or side hustle!

Need a flier, handout or printable but aren’t sure where to start?

No worries. You don’t need a fancy art degree, an expensive design program or have mad search skills to find the perfect thing on Pinterest. With just a few clicks of your mouse & Easy Peasy Printables, you can customize pieces for your home, work, church calling, blog & more.

Here’s what you need to get started

No. 01

A computer with internet access & a FREE account on

No. 02

Your favorite quotes, great ideas, event details, etc. that you want to include in your designs

No. 03

The 40+ templates ( in 2 sizes!) from the Easy Peasy Printables Bundle & bonus graphics!

What if you could…

Create a handout for your next church lesson? Need a flier for that church party or invites to that next big event? Create your own custom printable for your side hustle or to give away on your blog? And do it all in just a few minutes!

You can! And it won’t take a semester worth of design classes to do it. All you need is the Easy Peasy Printables Bundle and a FREE account on Canva to get started.

Introducing the

Easy Peasy Printables Bundle

Customizable templates for handouts, fliers, invites & more. You’ll have design awesomeness in minutes!

Over 50% off – just $19!

Here is what you get:

  • 40+ Background Templates – you’ve have your own personal stash with dozens of templates to choose from in 8″x10″ and 5″x7″ sizes. All the graphics are hi-resolutions which means you’ll have crisp clean prints. Pick from floral, graphic and holiday designs! ($40 value)
  • Plus 2 sets of BONUS Digital Graphics – Use these graphic sets to get started making your own backgrounds and floral arrangements to add to your own designs. ($15 value)

What others are saying…

Thank you, thank you! I’ve gotten so many compliments about the invitation. One sister, Marlene, asked if I’d make her family Christmas party invite with the same pattern. Your template made it so easy and I was assured it was cute, up to date and everything went together. Your font pairings were especially helpful. Thanks from me and the Lakeside Ward RS! Oh, I also used your templates to make a quick birthday card for a friend AND a work flier… BEST BUNDLE EVER!

Raylynn D.

Easy Peasy Printables is perfect for:

  • someone who would like to create custom printables without the stress
  • someone that’s new to design but wants to give it all a try
  • everyone that needs a handout, flier, birthday invite, announcement or more and doesn’t want to spend a ton of time or money making it happen.

You can be successful even if:

  • you’ve never designed anything before
  • you’re not super tech savvy
  • you feel like you’re “not an artist” or “super creative”
  • you’re just getting started with good ideas on what you’d like to create!

Hi friend! I’m Marissa.

I’ve been designing printables for well over a decade and have worked with dozens upon dozens of clients. I’ve also taught oodles of students the ins and outs of graphic design and visual media at BYU-Idaho Online.

When I’m not designing or teaching, you’ll probably find me chatting with friends, snacking on chips & salsa, enjoying the sunshine or playing outside with my husband, 2 darling kiddos and oversized Airedale Terrier, Duke.

Want To See Just How Simple It Really Is?

Click the image below to watch the Quick Start Video (for free!) & get a sneak peek at just how easy it is!

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Are you ready to create awesomeness?

I know you are! No prior design skills or super tech talent is needed. Just a FREE Canva account, the Easy Peasy Printables Bundle & all your great ideas.