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Happy Holidays!

I hope you’re already deep in the festivities of the holiday season at your house. Around here, I count prepping for holiday celebrations, purchasing gifts, and decorating our home as part of the holiday fun and I hope you do too.

Even though I count the prep as fun, it still adds to my holiday to do list. Now that my oldest is school-aged I’m also adding in a class party and teacher gifts and all that goes with it, so my list is getting even longer.

This year, I’ve decided that simplifying is the name of the game to make this holiday season a success. But simplifying doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice style or doing the things that I love. Here are just a few things that we’re loving around here that are making our Christmas oh so fun, stylish, and simple all at the same time.

Plaid Blanket Scarf & Slippers – We’re back in snowy weather since we’ve moved and it’s been a few years. My feet have been freezing and I’ve switched out my flip flops for these cute slippers around the house. I’m also venturing out on a limb style-wise, and am hoping that Santa brings me this blanket scarf so I can step up my winter wardrobe. If you’re new to the Blanket Scarf trend like I am, you might want to check out this post on how to wear a blanket scarf by Emily of JonesDesignCompany. I love her site and am completely inspired by her home remodel posts and her coffee chats.

Box Wood Wreath – I’m going to be honest. This boxwood wreath is up at our house on my pantry door year round that’s why I use a faux wreath instead of fresh, but fresh boxwood for the holidays rocks. Usually my wreath just stays green, but at Christmas we add a few holly berry sprigs and after the holidays I give it back it’s black and white ribbon hanger.

JOY Marquee Letters –  This beauty is probably my favorite holiday decoration. We added it in last year, but I just didn’t get enough and it’s the focal point on our mantel this year in our new house. Twinkle lights, metal letters… nothing is better than that and these were at a pretty reasonable price, so it was even better!

Pre-Built Gingerbread House Kit – My kids were so excited to do gingerbread houses, but success seemed slim, with a 5 and 2 year old in constructing a house that was going to stay standing through the holidays. My mother-in-law purchased this pre-built gingerbread house at Costco, and it was the perfect afternoon activity. (You can find these at almost any store, and price seems to be fairly close depending on the size and intensity of the design.) Candy and icing were included, all I had to do was pull it out of the box, unwrap and help the kids stick the candy on.

Buffalo Check Mug –it seems like the new pattern that’s all the rage is Buafflo Check. This bold check pattern traditionally is red and black and is also known as Hunter’s Plaid, but there are a million variations out there (I’m crushing on the white and black as well) and no matter what you call it – it rocks. Because we’re big on hot chocolate around here, and the price was right on these mugs, we’ve already been sipping cocoa and watching Christmas movies around our house.

Bottlebrush Trees & Felted Ball Garland – The vintage vibe is definitely an in thing this holiday season, bottle brush trees are everywhere, but if you’re looking for a modern trend, Target has them in every color it seems. The Felted Ball Garland is also a staple when it comes to Christmas decor on Pinterest – you can follow the link or simply search Felted Ball Garland on Etsy and find them in every color, length, and price point. I’m thinking to buy a white, grey and silver one so I can use it for Christmas and keep it up through January!

I hope your holiday season is Merry & Bright! With the start of the new year we’ll be adding the Things I Love posts back into the mix. I’m working on some fun new projects and can’t wait to share them with you in the next few weeks and into the new year. If you’re into purposeful planning, you’re going to want to stay tuned!

** I’m not being paid for my opinions or to promote these products. I also believe that stylish design doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but rather requires a trained eye so you can get the same look for less. These links go to basic stores like Target and Walmart as well as Etsy, because supporting creatives who produce handmade goods is cool, and I love to support my tribe.