I absolutely love the look of these Easter treat boxes from  Melissa Esplin – they’re subtle and sophisticated, and completely symbolic in design. The small crosses represent the crucifixion, the scalloped line looks like fish scales and represents the fishers of men, and the small palm frond pattern at the top represents Palm Sunday. These would be the perfect treat packaging for an Easter surprise for your Young Women group or a family of older children and teens.

Melissa has also included a easter tag to attach to  the traditional Easter basket. The prompt on the tag suggests that each item relates to our Savior, Jesus Christ, and encourages the receiver to go through the basket and enjoy the goodies keeping those connections in mind.



And for everyone that absolutely adores a good script print for their wall – Melissa has provided a beautiful one, perfect for the Easter season – and anytime of year really.

You could easily put together a simple and meaningful Easter holiday with this entire kit, or use your favorite parts to enhance your Easter plans. Simply click on the download button below to get these free Easter printables. I’d love to see how you use the kit. Snap a pic and share it with the hashtag #Hallelujah.


Download Symbolic Easter Printables from Melissa Esplin

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