Grab your colored pencils, watercolors or crayons and download this fun Thanksgiving coloring page! Perfect for all ages and a great way to fill the time before dinner or have as an activity at the kids table.

Thanksgiving Coloring Page - Free Printable

Love to color? Just need something to keep little hands busy while during Thanksgiving break or while you cook the amazing feast?

This Thanksgiving coloring page is the perfect addition to a kids table on Thanksgiving day or can be the perfect afternoon event for kiddos on break, especially if you let them pick their coloring tool of choice.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

Here’s what you’ll need to have ready to go for a fun coloring activity – I highly recommend downloading and printing now, so you’re not running back to your computer on Turkey day!

Grab the download below and save it to your computer. Then pick your favorite way to print it . The file is black and white outlines – perfect for coloring, and comes in a standard 8.5″ x 11″ size so there’s no need for special sizes of paper. The only thing you may want to consider is whether you print it on copy paper, white cardstock, or for those that want to watercolor – a heavier textured watercolor paper. (Although watercoloring on the other 2 types can work just as well).

You’ll probably want to make a few extra copies – my kiddos love taking their coloring pages outdoors and often come back inside to grab an extra for a neighbor friend who’s joined in on the fun.

Thanksgiving Coloring Page 2

Other Great Ideas for the Thanksgiving Coloring Page

A simple Thanksgiving coloring page isn’t the only thing this works for. Print the sheet on cardstock and have your kiddos color before time. Then, cut the coloring sheet into strips and fold to create name cards. You can have your kiddos hand write your dinner guest’s names on a white sheet of paper OR print guests names out in your favorite font and then adhere them to the colored cards.

We’ve also colored the page and then folded it in half to create a greeting card. The kids use construction paper to add their own twist (think a paper turkey or pumpkin in the center of the card) and then we leave notes inside and send the cards to family or even include it with a plate of goodies for a neighbor.

These Thanksgiving coloring pages also make a fun little drop off for your kiddos friends – we like to serve those we love around Thanksgiving so that we’re focusing on what this holiday is really about. I’ve even dropped these off to women in our congregation with a fresh set of colored pencils and a note – I’m always amazed when I hear back from them that they hadn’t colored in years but that its as a great stress release and gave them time to think – only if it was just a few minutes.

I’ve decided that I’m going to color the page this year – so far this month I’ve colored a few items each day and then jotted down on the back of the page some things I’m thankful for.

Want to get the download and get coloring? Grab your Thanksgiving coloring page printable below…




Thanksgiving Coloring Page

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