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There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by that I don’t try to increase my productivity in one way or another. I want to be more organized and have proof that I’m accomplishing something, regardless of the fact that my little toddler tornado sometimes tries to prove otherwise. I’m an avid list maker, crossing things off with a Sharpie brings inner peace and a smile to my face, but despite my lists and planning, I can’t always see the progress on more long term goals. Enter, the goal tracker. Who doesn’t love putting a gold star on something or blacking in one of those dots, right?

Starting Fresh

Starting a new habit or committing to a new goal doesn’t have to only happen at the New Year. Resolutions are great, but what happens when plans change or you need a reboot? I’m a big fan of reassessing, because honestly, if you’re not progressing your goals aren’t defined enough or you don’t care as much about them as you thought. I’ve fallen into both camps, and starting anew is definitely a good way to go. For long term goals, I’ve found that regrouping and starting fresh at 6  months can be a good thing.  For those that like a more consistent change of pace, setting monthly goals rather than year long resolutions can be more effective. (For the last 6 months I’ve utilized this process and have seen tremendous results!) But we’re in the winding up stages of summer, some have already gone back to school, and this change of scene might just be the perfect time to jot down some ideas that you want to work towards.

How to Use the Tracker

It’s really up to you, but after I printed it out I realized that it’s more versatile than I originally thought. Simply list down the left hand side the things you want to do – 10k steps a day, 1 load of laundry, daily devotional, H2O consumption, empty the kitchen sink, pick up the living spaces each night before bed, etc. Then cross a day off each time you complete the task. Or, if you’re thinking more long term, choose one goal and write it down at the top, then label the months down the left hand side and black out the days you don’t need for each month (i.e. 30 days has September, April, June, and November… you get the idea).


So what goals are you wanting to take on? Which are you just finishing up? I’ve got my tracker filled out and am ready to go… will you join me?


Download a Free Goal/Habit Tracker Here

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