Life has been packed full of interesting dynamics lately. Some are completely awesome and others are providing me a chance to see if I can run the gauntlet and make it out alive. That said, I’m still focusing on doing and being what happy is for me. I saw this clip, thought it was awesome, and wanted to share.

I wasn’t surprised that gratitude directly ties to our happiness level. But the clip still made a huge impact on me because it captured the happiness increase for each of the individuals they showed. I even found myself smiling more and feeling a little more light after watching it. What an awesome reminder to dwell on the things/people that really matter – and what’s more, to be grateful for them and to express that gratitude.

I’ll be writing a gratitude list this afternoon – and I’m planning to take the plunge and call someone up and express that gratitude as well. Makes me wonder how much happier would I be if I spent just 5 minutes a day expressing gratitude for all the great things I have in my life. I’m sure it would make running that next gauntlet a little easier.

So make your list, call someone – get happy!