October came sneaking up on us – but we’re excited for all it has in store. We’ve been enjoying cooler mornings and I thing we’re finally ok with retiring our swimming suits and beach towels (AZ weather has been good to us). With the new season, we’re excited for pumpkins and the start of the holiday season – I know, most people consider only Thanksgiving and Christmas the holiday season, but at our house we believe in the triple header. All Hallow’s Eve is never gruesome or ghoulish, we love those cute little witches, fairy princesses, and an adorable mummy or two.  But this October, I’m crushing on some timeless Fall pieces and maybe just maybe, we’ll put a few of them to work for us.

Cowboy Boots – leaving TX has made me realize that we’ll always consider it a part of our “home” no matter where we live. I’m thinking a pair of boots this season is definitely in order.// Sweet Mint Lip Balm – I have been using and loving this lip balm for the past few weeks, and the Lil’ Miss is in love with it’s shape. // Plaid Camp Shirt  – thinking something comfy like this paired with a brown cardigan would be a perfect compliment to the cowboy boots. // Squirrel Jar – this year, Fall has hit me full force. I’m wanting to gather up sweet pieces like this and infuse them into our fall decor. // Fox Antibacterial Holder – foxes have hit me, they’re my new favorite find. I’m seeing them everywhere, children’s clothing, home decor, and even as a print graphic on clothing. Plus it adds a hint of fun to keeping the germs at bay. // Polka Dot Toddler Dress – She’d look adorable in this.  // Texas Print -enough said.