With our recent move to the DFW area, I’ve been unpacking, sorting, and working to fit into a new space. The last several months my office has consisted of my laptop (yeah, the trusty ol’ laptop from grad school), the dining room table, and a box filled with random office supplies and various odds and ends. I was stoked when the Mr. said he figured it was finally time to purchase that beauty of a computer up top that we’ve been saving for since – well, never mind how long we’ve been saving for it – lets just go with forever. (Right now would probably be a good time to mention that I have the world’s best Mr., not to mention my little office assistant who is full of spunk and sass – they both really are the best!) I’ve moved up from the dining room table to having an “office corner” in our family room – such a nice change from the dining room table and a great spot to gather some bits and pieces that not only inspire me but define my style right now. Now back to work!

Oversized Antique Wall Clock // iMac // Industrial Sorting Bins // DIY Terrarium // Lampan Lamp // Linnmon/Alex Desk // Lillhojden Chair // Boxwood Topiary // LuciusArt Awesome Print