The birthday came and went – and it was a wonderful day! We had fun celebrating even if we the Lil’Miss was fighting a stomach bug (and believe me, she was still up for the party!)

I was so incredibly happy that my well-intentioned, but quickly forgotten list for 31 was so well fulfilled. Honestly, I’m surprised that I accomplished as many of those items as I did, especially without the list out as a constant reminder. Obviously, most of the things that I wrote down were really things that I wanted to do, not just flighty things that I wrote down on a whim. That must mean that I know myself, right? And for that reason,  I’ve been a little hesitant to finish up my list for 32. What if it proves differently? What if the items I’m writing down are more to fill the space than meaningful things to learn and accomplish? And so, there aren’t 32 things on my list. I’m ok with that. Numbers 27-32 would have been just fluff anyway. I’m looking forward to crossing every item off the list this year… lets hit it!

1. Take a photography class

2. Try something new

3. Design a font

4. Give something up for a month

5. Try clean eating

6. Make something that I’m scared of actually happen

7. Make a quilt

8. Build a business

9. Sell something online

10. Try CrossFit

11. Do things that make me happy

12. Blog more

13. Keep in touch better with friends

14. Make birthdays a big deal

15.  Read more

16. Print the first family year book

17. Sew a dress for the Lil’ Miss

18. Make a move

19. Create a new family tradition

20. Try out local restaurants

21. Take more pictures

22. Be more grateful

23. Choose one random “not like me” craft project and complete it

24. Make a new friend

25. Do more & worry less – especially when it comes to being a mom

26. Do things that make me happy – without the need to validate them