President Boyd K. Packer said:

There is so much wonderful, uplifting music available that we can experience to our advantage. Our people ought to be surrounded by good music of all kinds.

Growing up, my home was filled with good music. My mom encouraged us to learn an instrument or take voice lessons and she always had a basket full of good CDs that we could pop in and listen to. She took President Packer’s counsel seriously – and surrounded us by good music of all kinds.

Today more than ever I think music has the ability to lighten our load and bring peace – but it has to be the right kind. That said, singing or listening to only Church hymns might be a tad bit boring, and that’s why I’m grateful for the many Latter-day artists that are sharing their testimony through song.

Back a  few years ago I had the chance to hear Mercy River at a Time Out for Women event that I attended with several friends. I had never heard their music, but only the group’s name in passing. If there’s one thing I remember clearly from that entire experience, it was the Spirit I felt while listening to the music and hearing them share their personal insights and testimonies. So when Deseret Book sent me the Step Forward album, I was more than excited to pop it in and give it a listen – and it didn’t disappoint.

Step Forward is a collection of songs encouraging women everywhere to rise up and speak out – inspired by the phrase “Step Forward” from President Russell M Nelson’s talk “A Plea to My Sisters”.  As I listened to the CD I found it boosting my spirit and strengthening my resolve to stand for womanhood, marriage & family, trusting God – and it inspired me to go back and study President Nelson’s talk and search for inspiration on what I can personally do to fulfill his call.

Mercy River is a trio that has traveled all over the United States and Canada performing for thousands of people while testifying of the Savior. You’ll often find them at Time Out For Women – sharing their music, stories, and testimonies to build faith and unite women everywhere.

Step Forward was released today, and is available for purchase (CD or as a MP3 download) through Deseret Book.

You can also visit Deseret Book to hear a preview of each song included on Step Forward.


I’m always on the look out for good music. What’s your current favorite? I’d love to hear – share in the comments below.