These cute bag toppers are the perfect touch to a package of homemade (or store bought!) treats!

Valentine Treat Bag Toppers from Prickly Pear Design Co.

There’s something about Valentine’s Day that gets me – I’ve never been much for the overly ornate designs and flowery versed greeting cards, but give me some cute little hearts and a fun play on words and I’m hooked. That’s exactly what I had in mind when I started putting together these treat bag toppers.

Why I Love Valentine Treat Bag Toppers

I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to put treat bag toppers to use – there are always bags of goodies or baked goods for every holiday, but we never seem to be needed in quite the mass quantity that they are on Valentine’s Day (class V-Day parties I’m looking at you!). Regardless of the headache that might come from picking prizes at the store, copying classmate’s names on cards, and packaging a little something… I’m in full support of spreading the love. This world needs it, especially the kiddos!

So for every mom looking for a quick fix for your kiddo’s Valentines OR if you’re a youth leader or Sunday school teacher looking for a fun way to spread a little love to those you teach – the bag topper might be the option for you. We’re talking simple to put together and cute to boot!

What You Need for Your Valentine Treat Bag Toppers

Once I got started brainstorming I couldn’t stop – there are 2 designs to pick from but I made to build them out the same way so that putting them together was a no brainer if you’ve decided that you need both in your life. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • your digital file of the treat bag topper(s) – click the links below to get your file
  • access to a color printer or send them to your favorite copy shop
  • clear plastic treat bags (I bought these on the party row – 20 for $1 – at Walmart)
  • paper trimmer or scissors (the paper trimmer speeds this process way up!)
  • stapler
  • prizes, candy or baked goods

Then all you need to do is print your files, have your kiddo jot down the names of their friends – the to from is on the back – and then start assembling! Sometimes I turn this into a party at our kitchen table with fun music and all of us working together. Other times, I tell my kiddos to pick a movie and we sit on the floor and work. Either way, they get to craft a bit with mom and it’s a win.

Valentine Treat Bag Toppers front and back from Prickly Pear Design Co.

Tip: After creating the treat bag topper and taking the pictures, it occurred to me that you could simply pick 1 item – like a giant pixie stick or a slap bracelet – and then just place it in the fold of your treat bag topper (I’d probably secure it with a piece of painter’s tape, but I’m crazy like that) and then staple the bottom. My 3rd grade daughter would say that it needed a cute sticker. But that’s an alternative to the treat bag and still makes a pretty sweet Valentine.