If you haven’t been there yourself, you know someone who has. Life is hard. Sometimes we know exactly what we need to do or hear when things are rough; other times, it may not be so clear – but one thing is for sure, we can all benefit from a well crafted pep talk about who we really are, a reminder of what we’re made of, and a hug. Although I’m not capable of providing a hug to everyone that may read this, I can definitely make a few suggestions when it comes to  the pep talk part.


How to Give Yourself a Pep Talk

There’s no perfect way to give yourself a pep talk. Everyone responds differently when they’re feeling down and out, but I’ve found these few suggestions to be helpful in helping me get out of a funk, gear up for taking on a challenge, or find the strength to keep going.

  • Focus on what you have – make a list of your blessings, write down your talents or skills, or take stock in how far you’ve come. By focusing on what you have, you’ll set the tone as a positive one.
  • Look for inspiration from others – find a mentor, read about someone that’s achieved greatness, head to the great outdoors or somewhere that sparks your creativity or problem-solving skills, or push play on a favorite playlist to get pumped up. Take strength from things and people that inspire.
  • Decide on a strategy – the most inspiring words are just words unless you use them as fuel for planning a strategy or outlining a solution. Take time to explore a few options, lay out a feasible plan, and set goals/rewards as needed.
  • Set a specific amount of time – it’s never great to wallow in self-pity, or stay in the pep talk phase for too long. Give yourself a set amount of time to complete the tasks above and then move forward.
  • Place encouragement along the way – You may find that a small pep talk every day is especially helpful if you’re taking on something huge. Repeat words of affirmation, a memorized verse of scripture, or place a favorite quote in a spot where you’ll see it often to remind you of who you are and what you’re capable of.

Not too many months ago, I started putting together the Women of God series here on the blog. For whatever reason I felt inspired that young and old alike, us girls can use a pep talk sometimes about the amazing things that we’re capable of and the knowledge that there’s a whole lot of support out there from other women, and from those that blazed the trail before us.


So if you’re looking for a way to encourage yourself, a friend, one of your Young Women, or a sister you happen to visit teach – you’re bound to find a little bit of courage and inspiration from the amazing sisters and their stories:

Women of God Series

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