Year 32 was good. Year 33 is bound to be better. Despite the fact that I like to-do lists, this one is definitely flexible. It’s more of a suggestion list of sorts of things that  think will inspire, stretch, and help me to grow. Some things may get done, some may not make a lot of sense, but hopefully the mess of it all will bring about another year of great experiences.

I wish I had 33 things, but the thought of that many tasks makes my head spin. Instead I’ll go for quality not quantity. And, I can always add to the list. Also, I hope to be able to capture an image to represent every item on the list in somewhere. I’m hoping to share them as I go here.  So in no particular order here’s what I’ve got for year thirty-three.

1. Make a quilt

2. Print the first family year book

3. Give something up for a  month

4. Work on ideas for expanding my business and product line

5. Create a new family tradition

6. Be more easy going about my own mistakes – learn, live, and move on!

7. Find “happy” in every day

8. Focus on family

9. Focus on healthy

10. Try something new