We’re celebrating here at MOBOH! The mutual theme for 2015 has been announced and we’ve been hard at work designing the MOBOH YW2015 Theme Kit – available today in the MOBOH shop!

With that, we’re offering the chance to purchase a Young Women Value Theme poster from our shop. These are just in from the printer and they coordinate perfectly with the 2015 theme kit design.

I’ve always loved the Young Women Value theme and the value colors, and this design sports a fresh multi-colored airmail stripe pattern that accents each of the value colors and acts as a subtle reminder of what this theme truly represents. The large 18″x24″ size is perfect for poster frames and can easily be displayed in your Young Women’s room on Sunday so the girls can refer to it as they recite the theme each week. The quantity is limited so you’ll want to grab yours before they’re gone.