Young Women Values Bookmark | Free YW Printable | LDS | Mormon Art | Prickly Pear Design Co.

Today I’m excited to share with you 3 ways to use this Young Women Value Bookmark with your Young Women. Each includes adding this bookmark into a mutual or other Young Women activity – which means we’re simplifying the planning process – Yay for rocking our callings!

  1. If you’re still in the last minute planning stages for Girls Camp, this might be a great item to print off and keep on hand for a nighttime devotional for your girls. You could focus on building testimonies and challenge them to read their scriptures daily, study General Conference talks, or even just to focus on the Young Women Values themselves.
  2. If you’re done with Girls Camp for the year, you may need some simple mutual activity ideas so that your leaders can have a well deserved break. Make planning easy – print off the bookmarks and give them to the girls when you meet with them to review their Personal Progress goals or challenge them to use the bookmark as they work towards reading the entire Book of Mormon to earn their Honor Bee.
  3. Maybe you’re thinking ahead to Evening of Excellence! No doubt your girls have worked hard and a special gift for each girl may be just what you had in mind. Include a small treat and use this Young Women Value bookmark as a tag with a small note written on the back. The girls can easily pull it off and still use it as a bookmark once the treat is gone.

Ready to grab your free printable of the Young Women Value Bookmarks? You can get yours here.  As well as a great and simple way to dress up the bookmark to personalize it for your girls.