Creativity has definitely hit around here and I’m so excited to be releasing the YW 2014 Theme Kit (tomorrow 10/19/2013!)* as well as this great freebie that you can use as a New Beginnings gift or as a Christmas gift this year to introduce the 2014 theme to your girls.

Since we moved back from Texas, we’ve spent a lot of time wandering Ikea – it’s like an air conditioned wonderland for me and my sweet girl. On one of our trips we found this cute little freestanding frame – TOLSBY –  and decided that it’s 99 cent price tag demanded that we get two. The ideas with these things are endless, but we won’t get into that now.

I just thought how cute this would be on a dresser or nightstand with the 2014 theme in it and what a great reminder it would be for the girls. The other great thing is that it’s two-sided,  slide in a favorite quote, a scripture mastery to memorize,  or even plan to  snap a group photo of your girls at New Beginnings or on an upcoming Sunday and put it in the back side of the frame as a reminder to them that they’ve got friends who are striving to Come Unto Christ as well. I love this frame idea because it’s something you can utilize throughout the year – make your class handouts the 4×6 size so they can slide it in when they get home on Sunday and remember it throughout the week. So versatile and so incredibly in my price range (making the budget stretch is always on the to do list when you’re a YW leader it seems).


YW 2014 Floral Theme 4×6

[ddownload id=”89″ text=”Download” style=”button” color=”yellow”]

(the download includes a .zip file with 2 files. One is a PDF 2up with trim marks for easy cutting, the other is a jpeg so you can easily send it to the photo printer of your choice)

Please understand one thing as you download this file. I want to share it with you because I love the Young Women program and I appreciate the countless hours of service and love the leaders provide – YW leaders really do rock! Please DON’T reproduce, sell, or distribute this file in anyway. Please DO tell your friends & send them to this site to download their own copy – I appreciate visitors around here!


The YW 2014 Theme Kit that coordinates with this freebie will be released Saturday, October 19th – that’s tomorrow! The kit will be for purchase (to cover listing fees and to help keep my site and business up and running), but the price will be small because I want everyone to have a chance at using these items if they’d like to.  Throughout the upcoming weeks I’ll be posting ideas on how to utilize items from the kit and how to expand on them using materials you might already have on hand or that don’t break the bank. Please come back and visit and please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions – I love emails and comments. See you soon!