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I just looked at a calendar and summer is almost here. Can you believe it? I’m ready for warmer weather and summer nights around a fire pit. So how many of you YW leaders are ready for Girls Camp?

One of my favorite things at camp was when the stake staff came around each night and delivered happy grams and sang a good night song. If we were really lucky, the stake staff even conned the Bishops and stake priesthood leaders into taking a night. It was always fun to get notes from leaders or other campers in our happy gram bucket, and it was even more fun to see what type of pillow treats the stake staff had for us.

You can read more about the Happy Camper Postcards and pick up the free printable here. 

If we’re not friends on Pinterest already, you might want to jump on over and check out my boards. I’ve got one entirely dedicated to Young Women Girls Camp – tons of great ideas on there. The creators behind these cute ideas and printables are geniuses.



pennant flags || paperbag yw camp journal || spiritual light poster||

llama llama camper drama || 5 gallon bucket seats || camp ramada decor

The ideas above are just a few of the awesome ones I have pinned on my Young Women Girls Camp board. Some are more involved than others, but I love them all – “as in I wish I was involved in camp this year so that I could do them” love.

I’m sure planning has been in the works for awhile now, but I’m all about last minute ideas that you can put to good use and I bet you are too. Plus, any of these could easily be simplified down and done at cabin/ward level before camp. I can only imagine the girls decorating their cabin with their testimony pennant flags or cabin moms telling the Llama Llama Camper Drama story the first night of camp. And bucket seats? Seriously… can we say, pre-camp mutual night?

What great ideas do you have planned for girls camp? Any tips or pillow treat ideas you’d like  to share …we’d love to hear about. Tell us in the comments below.