It’s November, and I just hit publish on the last post featuring the December 2016 YW Monthly Theme Card. How did we already make it through a year already?

If you missed the December download or would like to grab your FREE digital file to send off to your favorite photo lab, you can check it out here. 


I’ve designed 3 sets of these cards (2014, 2015, and 2016), and heard of dozens of ways to use them with your Young Women group. (I even wrote about ways to help your Young Women girls keep the monthly themes in their minds and hearts – you can read about it here.) Here are just a few:

  • Print them off, punch a hole and slip them onto a binder ring with a few quite ribbons to match. Slip a few cute note pages in between to jot down inspirations or notes from Sunday lessons
  • Use them with Personal Progress Goals – some of the cards even have Personal Progress goals that align with the current month’s theme
  • Place them in a inexpensive frame that the girls can set on their dresser or nightstand
  • Create a cute magnet clip (search Pinterest for a ton of great DIY ideas on this one) so the girls can hang it on a bedroom or bathroom mirror or in a locker at school.

I love all the designs, but the 2016 card pack are the most versatile. They’d be perfect for a Relief Society sister to study along with her mutual aged kids, or to work on memorizing the scriptures if you have older Primary-aged children.

The 2014 cards have a year on each card (although you could simply drop the file into photo editing software and take that year right off if you felt inclined). The 2015 cards include Personal Progress goals that coordinate with the monthly theme, and the 2016 cards are colorful and simple, putting the focus on the theme and scripture for the month. If you’re looking to grab the 2016 cards for FREE, now is an excellent time to do so. You can simply click each link below to visit the post where the download is available. Thanks for stopping by!


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