I recently finished up a YW Values Subway art design for a client. She was awesome to work with and gave me some great ideas and suggestions on things that might be “loved” by YW leaders in general. Her creativity got me brainstorming, and this little freebie was born. Perfect for scriptures, journals, or the personal progress book – or any book they may be reading for that matter. It’s a great reminder of what we stand for and what values we strive to live.

The download is 8.5″ x 11″ in size with 3 bookmarks per page.It can be printed on your personal desktop printer or at a local copy shop. There are even trim marks so you can use your handy paper trimmer to get them all the right size. (Recently I was visiting my mom’s ward and their RS gave out a bookmark. They’d chosen a few cute ribbons for the tassel, and had just folded them and stapled them to the top. No hole punch or slip knots needed – it was darling and so incredibly simple it was genius.You could easily do that here, and even hit up the dollar store or the Target $1 bins for some great patterned ribbons.)

This would be the perfect gift now at the start of the Summer with a challenge to read the Book of Mormon, the recent Conference Ensign, or work on their Personal Progress. (You could even tie it to candy bar with details written on the back for your next Personal Progress Activity). I’d love to hear or see how you use the bookmarks – feel free to share in a comment below!

Download YW Value Bookmark

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As noted on the download this freebie is for personal or church use only. Please do not sell, kit this item with others for resell, distribute, or claim this item as your own. Please do feel free to share with friends – they’ll be able to download their own file here on our website and we’d love to have them stop by!